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Rocca Farnese

Apartment for rent, for weekends or weeks, at the top floor of Rocca Farnese in Capodimonte.

Rocca Farnese is an historic residence of the Farnese family, where many famous people stayed, like Giulia Farnese and Lucrezia Borgia, and several Popes, among whom: Pio II Piccolomini, Sisto IV Francesco della Rovere, Innocenzo VIII Giovan Battista Cibo, Alessandro VI Rodrigo Borgia, Giulio II Giuliano della Rovere, Leone X Giovanni de Medici, Clemente VII Giulio de Medici.


Capodimonte is a characteristic medieval village, built around the Rocca Farnese. Its origins dates back to the Etruscan village and the later Roman domination of Vesentum (Bisenzio).

The apartament Rocca Farnese has 3 bedrooms (5 beds), 2 sitting rooms, 1 large living room, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen.

The Rocca Farnese rises on the promontory of Capodimonte and overlooks the Bolsena Lake. From all windows you can enjoy an incredible, scenic view.


Rocca Farnese - Capodimonte


Rooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Bedrooms: Up to 5